Sock Buns are Super Trendy

Sock Buns are a super trendy, easy style that is sweeping the nation! The sock bun gets it’s name because styling it involves cutting the toes off a sock, and rolling it into your hair to create a donut-shaped bun. My four year old daughter loves it because it’s so cute on her, gets her hair out of her face, & it’s something different besides you’re everyday pony tail. Also if you leave the sock bun in overnight it gives beautiful curls the next day! First, you need a sock that you don’t mind cutting up for the sake of fashion. FYI: The longer sock you use, the thicker and fuller your bun will be.

STEP 1: Take a sock and cut off the toes part so all that remains is a tube-shaped piece of fabric. (It helps if you can use a sock that is close to the color of your hair)








STEP 2: Take the edges of the sock and roll it inside out until it is scrunched up into a donut shape. (Rolling it several times will give it a tighter donut shape)

STEP 3: Style your hair into a low or high ponytail, depending on where on your head you want the bun to rest. Once the hair is in place you can slide a comb beneath the hair on the top of your head and loosen it slightly to create a little volume. You can also wet your ponytail a little to help with shorter hairs coming out of place. Or use gel, mousse, cream or hairspray if you want a neater style.











STEP 4: Loop the end of your ponytail through the donut-shaped sock bun.

STEP 5: Bend the hair over the edge of the sock, and tuck it underneath and through the bottom of the loop.

STEP 6: Roll the sock down your ponytail several times until it reaches your head, rolling your hair along with it. Keep rolling it until every hair is tucked up into the sock bun.






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