The ‘Holy Grail’ of Hair products, Accessories and Appliances


Do you ever leave the salon and wish you could achieve that bouncy luxurious ‘do’ your stylist whipped up so effortlessly? Well of course you do! Today I share about my ‘Holy Grail’ hair products, accessories and appliances I cannot live without. It all starts at the basics. A great shampoo and conditioner that best fit your unique hair type. Mine just so happens to be dry and brittle, so I use the Dry Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner!

These are AMAZING! They leave your hair soft, supple and touchable! The moment I lather this creamy remedy into my hair, I feel the difference right away.


Once your hair is squeaky clean, styling products and tools are a must! a great technique for volume is round brushing. Starting by applying Volumizing tonic (for root lift), and Phomolent (flexible hold and bounce ). Next I use my favorite brush Ceramic tools round brush. I have medium to long hair, so my person preference is a medium, which is a 2inch barrel, and a Large 2 1/2 inch barrel.  The small brush is great for the getting maximum lift in your crown, and the large barrel round brush is great for a smoothing effect that controls frizz on Kentucky’s hottest days! A big misconception my guests have is that the bigger the brush the more volume they will get. So make sure to get the appropriate brush. Play around and don’t get frustrated. Round-brushing can be a challenge, but the more practice the better results you will see. Small sections are key!




Hairspray… How can you live without it? It tames, teases and textures. My absolute all time favorite product is the Control force hairspray. It fights frizz, and has a strong hold to last all day! You can also control the amount of hold by how close you spray to your hair!


My favorite styling tool would be my GHD flight iron, It heats up in 5 seconds and is perfect for straightening, and also twisting loose curls. I try to explain curling with your flat iron like taking scissors to ribbon. It’s all about tension and twisting your wrist. This too takes a little practice, but once it’s perfected it’s a great summer look!


Be you.
Feel new.