Earth Month

At Joli, March 1st marks the beginning of our efforts to make a difference in our own community and for others all over the world by raising money to provide clean water to many families.

Clean water is something that we are so privileged to have yet we rarely take the time to appreciate. This year it hit home a little more with the water crisis in Flint, Michigan being so prevalent in the news.

After some brainstorming, the Joli Team decided to embark on a Cold Water 4 Clean Water Challenge. Each team member was responsible for raising as much money as possible to be given to the Kentucky Waterways Alliance (who keeps Kentucky’s many waterways clean). The person with the most money at the end of April will be the first one in a very chilly pool on May 1st. A bag of ice will be added after each jumper with a total of 15 bags of ice in the pool for the person with the least amount of donations. We are not only excited to be a part of such a good cause but also spend some quality time together in the process.


Besides our Cold Water Challenge we have done a few other things to raise money for KWA. First, we got some really cool Aveda shirts for donating $25.


Secondly, all team members had the opportunity to donate $50 at the beginning of March and could be out of dress code for the months of March and April. As mundane as it seems, it’s a pretty big deal when you are used to wearing black every day!

Joli (with Kristin as our mastermind) participated in Catwalks for Clean Water. The fashion show was generously hosted by Play in Louisville. All outfits had to be made of 100% recycled materials. We are so proud of Kristin’s work and Jessica rocked the runway, earning us the People’s Choice Award!


Lastly, all proceeds from Aveda’s Light the Way Candles go to Global Green Grants! Global Green Grants is a wonderful non-profit organization that works in third world countries to provide access to clean water. This year each $12 candle provided a family of 6 clean water for 6 months in India.



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