Give the Gift of Love


If buying a Valentine’s Day gift for your honey falls somewhere on your preferred activities list between doing your taxes and major dental work, you’re not alone. Valentine’s Day gift pressure is far more intense than any other type of gift pressure. Few other gifts are expected to symbolize all your relationship’s joys, sorrows, hopes, dreams, and gratitude, all wrapped up in one literal package. This is the item that demonstrates how you feel about your Valentine, how well you know your Valentine, how much you want to make your Valentine happy, etc!  Irrational? Sure. Impossible? Of course. And woe to the last-minute Valentine’s shopper, because nothing screams “I barely thought about this gift!” than a picked-over item left for too long in the Valentine’s Day aisles and bins.

 Well, now you may find yourself getting a bit defensive. “Hey, you don’t even know me!”, you’re very well thinking. “Our relationship is not based on material things. Gifts do not define it! We are above all that! You don’t know anything about us!” Well, you’re right. You know your relationship better than anyone….

 But you know what we know better than anyone? Salons and spas. And what are the places where people tend to chatter … gossip … vent … confess their innermost feelings and literally let down their hair? Salons and spas. We promise you that people do care about the Valentine’s Day gifts they receive, much more than they ever want to admit. Go into any salon or spa on Feb. 15 and you’ll encounter a Valentine’s Day gift review, critique, recap, and analysis that rivals any Super Bowl post-game show.

 Because we know our guests and we know that Valentine’s Day gift cards to salons and spas are universally loved. Who complains about receiving a blissful hot stone massage or soothing Stress Fix pedicure or relaxing aromatherapy facial for Valentine’s Day? No one, that’s who. A spa gift card is the go-to Valentine’s Day gift that does everything you need it to do:

·         It Says “I Love You.” I want you to have something all for yourself – something that will pamper you and make you feel attractive and healthy and loved.

·         It Says “I Appreciate You.” I know how hard you work and how stressed out you get. I want you to relax, recharge your batteries, and feel appreciated and cared for.

·         It Says “I Know You.” I know you would enjoy a little break from reality, a bit of self-indulgence, and the chance to take a few deep breaths and let others do everything for you for a change.

·         It Fits Your Budget. Prices range from the cost of a single service to an elaborate spa package lunch and beverages.

·         It’s Convenient. Buy it online, drop in or just call and we’ll have it waiting for you.

·         You Can Buy It At The Very Last Minute And Your Honey Will Never Ever Know. Self-explanatory.

Its easy to do. In just 3 clicks, you can have the gift of love sent to your Valentine! Visit or call 859-252-0232!

Be you.
Feel new.